Monday: 1-5:30p 
Tuesday: 9:30-6:30p
Wednesday: 9:30-12:30p, 2-6:30p 
Thursday: 9:30-6:30p
Friday: 9:30-5:30p
Saturday: 9:30-4:30p
Sunday: 9:30-1:30p 


(You can see the most updated acupuncturists' schedules here.)



5 & 10 Pre-Paid Treatment Package Special Sale!

For the month of July take advantage of this 20% discount off our regular sliding scale when you purchase a 5 or 10 pre-paid treatment package!


5 Return Visit Treatments: Sliding Scale of $80-$160

10 Return Visit Treatments: Sliding Scale of $160-$320

First-Time Visit: One time $15 paperwork fee added to your payment

*We limit the purchase to one discounted 10-treatment package at a time per person.

*If you use up the first package before the end of July, you can purchase another discounted package.

*This special can now be used for both acupuncture & cupping!

*Purchased discounted packages are non-transferable.

*NO refunds, please purchase mindfully, thanks!






Fee/ Payment

  • First Visit Orientation fee + Acupuncture: $35-55 (Sliding Scale)
  • Return Acupuncture: $20-40  (Sliding Scale)
  • Cupping only: $20-40 (Sliding Scale, Additional $15 paperwork fee applies only to new patients)
  • NADA Detox Ear Acupuncture $15 (Drop-in only, no appts. needed. Return patients only) 
  • Late Cancellation/ no-show fee: $20
  • We accept cash or checks only.

What to expect during your initial visit

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first appointment to fill out a few brief forms and review our welcome letter. (You can also download, print and fill out these two forms here before you come in.)
  • Your acupuncturist will discuss your current concerns and health history with you. The acupuncturist will also take your pulses, look at your tongue and ask a few questions to help decide on a course of treatment. The number of treatments necessary will depend upon your condition and your general health. Herbal formulas or lifestyle advice might be offered if they are helpful for your conditions.
  • Treatment will be performed in a quiet community room, where you can choose any available recliner or table.
  • Your acupuncture treatment will likely include points on your hands, arms, feet, legs, head, ears, and perhaps your neck.  
  • Acupuncture needles are sterile, stainless steel, and hair-thin. They are nothing like needles used for injections! Most people feel no or very minimal discomfort as the needles are inserted and end up falling into a deep sleep during their treatment . While you are resting with needles in place, you may feel some slight tingling, heaviness, or other sensations of energy movement. If anything is uncomfortable, be sure to let us know, and we can make adjustments to the needles. We want you to be comfortable!
  • Your treatment may last anywhere from 25 minutes to an hour, your body knows best. 
  • When you feel “done,” simply make eye contact with your acupuncturist. They will come over to check on you and pull your needles if you are ready.

Preparing for your visit

  • Avoid caffeine within 3 hours of your appointment
  • Do not eat within one hour before treatment. However, if you have low blood pressure or prone to dizziness, please make sure you are not starting your acupuncture treatment with an empty stomach either.
  • Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes that are easy to roll up to your elbows and knees
  • Please do not wear strongly scented products, as some of our clients are chemically sensitive
  • Feel free to bring whatever personal items you need to make yourself comfortable such as a favorite pillow, shawl or blanket, scarf or earplugs
  • Please turn off your cell phones and speak softly at ACA
  • It is a good idea to allow at least one to 1½ hours for your clinic visit and to have a bit of free time to relax and transition after you are done

After your visit

  • For the few hours after your treatment, please avoid strenuous activity and exposure to inclement weather while your body adjusts to the effects of acupuncture